Deadlines, shipping methods and refunds

The delivery of the products of our store is made by the Post Office. As soon as the payment confirmation is made, we will ship your product by post and it will arrive within the estimated time as informed on the purchase screen. If payment is completed on weekends or holidays we will post on the next business day.

The term varies depending on your region and also the choice of shipping method (PAC and Sedex). As delivery is outsourced by the Post Office, our store is not responsible for delays.

To calculate the freight just click on checkout in the shopping cart and enter your data and your zip code, so it will calculate the shipping value and also the delivery time for your region.

Any questions you have about the delivery method please contact us.

Post Office Service

In places where delivery is not carried out by the Post Office, it will be necessary to pick up directly at the agency closest to your delivery address.

Exchange or return requests must be made within 7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product. After this date, we will not accept the request. The request must be made through our service channels.

Receipt is considered to be that informed by the institution responsible for delivery (Correios) even if not received by the recipient, but by family members, receptionists, porters, etc.

The user will also receive a confirmation of receipt email as soon as the responsible institution (Correios) alerts us to the completion of the delivery. It is important that you wait for our confirmation of exchange or return, which will be sent by email, before sending the product.

After the product arrives in our stock, and if it meets the specifications of the exchange policy, we will arrange for the shipment of a new product within 30 calendar days. Exchanges depend on stock availability.

Conditions for exchanges and returns

Any request for exchange or return must be made through our service channels. Exchanges or returns will not be accepted outside the stipulated deadlines. The exchange is made free of charge, but the freight costs must be borne by the customer.

The product must not have been damaged, must accompany the copy of the Invoice and be returned in closed and sealed packaging. It is not necessary to be the original packaging.


The shipping freight to our address will be at the user's expense. As soon as we find out that the user has not used the product, we will deposit the total amount of the product in the bank account of your choice.


It is essential that, upon receiving the goods, you check that no seals on the box or package have been broken. If this occurs, in the presence of the delivery person, check that all products have been delivered.

If, at the time of delivery of the order, any irregularity is found, you have the right to refuse the goods and request a new one.

If you find, after delivery, that there is damage to your products, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can assess the problem.

Right of withdrawal

In case of regret of the purchase, taking into account the deadlines established by law (7 calendar days from the date of receipt of the product), the DUAN TECH online store undertakes to return the value of the product.

For credit card payments, the amount will be reversed within two invoices following the date of the reversal request.

The reversal is the responsibility of the card operator, with each flag having a different deadline policy.

For orders placed by bank slip, the refund will be made by bank deposit or transfer. It is important to note that the account must be in the name and CPF of the customer who made the purchase, and the account must be a checking account.

To request a return, please contact us through our service channels.

How to request an exchange or return

Contact us via email or through the service channels in Contact Us and send us the following information:

- E-mail that was used to make the purchase;

- Name and surname that was used to make the purchase;

- CPF or CNPJ informed to make the purchase

- Order number

- Reason for exchange or return

- In case of return, inform the bank account you want to deposit.

Deadlines for the exchange or return of products

After the product has arrived at our address, we will check that the product has no signs of use and make the exchange or return.

In the case of exchange, the product may take 15 working days or more to return to the recipient.

In case of return, the deposit will be credited to the bank account of your choice within 5 working days.

Violated box on delivery

If the receiving box or package has been tampered with, do not sign any paper. Just ask for the order to be returned and contact us immediately by email or through the service channels.

If the above procedure is not performed by the user, it will be at your own risk to keep the order.

If you have any questions about our exchange and return policies, please contact us.

Deadlines and shipping methods

Exchanges and Returns