Dúvidas Frequentes

Does the VENOSCOPE take away people's ability?

No, the venoscope does not take away people's ability. The venoscope will show the parameters such as the path, caliber and permeability of the veins. The skill of touch comes from nursing schools, and that is not lost.

What is the venoscope for?

The function of the venoscope is to facilitate the aim of the puncturer and prevent the client from taking more than one puncture. Thus we have three important solutions such as safety for the puncturer, customer satisfaction, especially parents with regard to children ensuring loyalty to the service provided.

What technology is used?

The combination of LEDs with green and red colors captures the image of Co2, carbon dioxide inside hemoglobin and with this it is possible to visualize the veins. Not arteries, only veins.

What is the difference between Baby and IV Plus?

The Venos Baby has three LEDs with three different colors, green, red and white. The white light has the ability to transfix the bones and filter the venous network. That's why we recommend it from newborns to seven-year-olds.

The Venoscope IV Plus has three colors in each led, red, green and blue. We use red and green which combined allow visualization of the deepest veins up to 5mm deep. That is why we recommend the Venoscope 4 Plus for dark-skinned, obese and chronic patients.

Need to use tourniquete?

For blood collection where parameters, potassium, protein, calcium and coagulogram are required, avoid using the tourniquet for more than three minutes. For the introduction of intravenous medications, the tourniquet can be used.

VENOSCÓPIO IV Plus - How long can I use it continuously?

The IV Plus enoscope turned on at maximum intensity lasts around 55 minutes, however, in the collection room where the frequency of use is not constant, it can last the morning and afternoon as well.

How many hours to charge the VENOSCOPE?

2 hours for Baby and IV Plus

Does the VENOSCOPE burns the skin?

No.LEDS are cool lamps with low energy consumption.

Battery Lifetime.

It´s possible to charge 1000 times.